“After I lost my baby, I felt so alone, even though I knew that I was not the only woman who has made this choice. With SWYA, I felt a sense of community and friendship that helped me with my grief, and helped me to feel hopeful again.”

“The SWYA group is a loving, judgment-free place to release your sadness and feel hopeful again. The biggest take-away that I’ve received is feeling like I’m not alone and isolated in this experience. Being with other women who have dealt with similar devastation has allowed me to grieve in a healthful way that moves me forward in my life.”

“”I joined SWYA four months after terminating a much-wanted pregnancy, and it was exactly the support I needed. I didn’t feel that I had a space to talk about my grief with others following the loss of my baby, so finding this group was the perfect way for me to speak openly with others who know and shared my pain. While I still continue to grieve, I feel I now do so in a healthier manner, and it is extremely comforting to know that I am not alone in my sadness.”

“This group helped me heal so much more that I even thought possible.”